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Ways to prevent kidnapping  

2018-08-30 13:51:01

1. Do not accept free ride from strangers: Do not accept free ride from strangers. Your vehicle might stop at the middle of nowhere, this may be a trap by someone to make your vehicle stop or your vehicle just happened to stop. Immediately call a taxi on your phone ( thank God for taxify or uber app quickly request a taxi than entering one you do not know on the road) if this is taking time call someone who can help and keep your car lights on. 2. Final destination: Always let one of your family know where you are going in case you get missing so you can be traced there is nothing like keeping secrets. 3. Be unpredictable: Avoid taking usual routine. If you are always driving on a particular route change your route from time to time. 4. Be careful about social media: In this world were technology is fast arising and social media is like a daily cue we must do. We should be careful of what we post on social media. Do not ever post things in real time. People will be able to know where you are at a particular time if you do. If you must post, post after you have left the location. 5. Watch your drink: If you go to a bar or restaurant do not leave your drink unattended to. If you must leave were you are and go out. It’s either you drink up or discard as soon as you return back. 6. Protect yourself: If you are a lady you should always have a pepper spray in your bag/purse just in case you are attacked by someone. 7. Escape: Look for ways to escape. If you are forced into a car you will most likely be put in the trunk. From there look for a latch to pop it open and then jump out of the car. You could also break the head light if you have a stick and wave until you find help. Kidnapping is one hell of a menace. We do not pray for any of such but however it’s becoming a normal trend in our society today so therefore people must take sufficient precautions in order to avoid been kidnapped.