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2018-08-30 13:44:14

Kidnapping is the unlawful carrying or abduction of a person against his will. Kidnapping is a crime were the victim is transported to a distance or held in a place isolated through the use of force. This brings me to an example where a famer was kidnapped while she was working in her farm somewhere in Warri. It was still in the early hours of the day when Mrs. Cynthia decided to go to her farm to check on her farm products. While she was in the process of checking, she was abducted and taken to a strange place where ransom of N10,000,000 was demanded. The husband was warned not to tell the police else his wife will be killed. He had to pay an agreed ransom before his wife was released. This was a very traumatic experience for him and his wife. At times one needs to be slightly paranoid and more attentive to our surroundings to avoid becoming a victim.